YOUR contribution will assist the Foundation in its 2019/2020 Fundraising Campaign and facilitate the implementation of many future initiatives.

Be a part in preserving this globally significant fossil heritage for future generations.

How can I be involved?

Donate to the current Fundraising Campaign focused on first phase site development of a contemporary interpretive centre with equitable access showcasing one of the most important fossil beds discovered at Nilpena – and commencing the process for conservation of this globally significant site.

The Foundation requested the National Trust of South Australia to conduct and sponsor their Appeal towards the conservation of historic buildings on the Nilpena site commencing with the Blacksmith’s Shop. We are proud to be associated with them; both institutions share similar aspirations in the preservation and maintenance of sites which possess historic, scientific and artistic significance including natural beauty.

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We look forward to sharing our Fundraising Campaign progress, the Foundation’s journey and many Ediacara stories with you!

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